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Blog Title: How does air conditioners have an impact on indoor air quality?
How does air conditioners have an impact on indoor air quality?
Category: Home Air Conditioner Heat Pump Post By: THERESA S (Mesa, AZ), 10/28/2016

"The use of air conditioners has increased with the kind of climate change that is happening around us. As the use of air conditioner increases, the tendency to keep doors and windows closed also increases. The result is the percentage of outdoor contaminants in the inside air decreases and the proportion of indoor pollutants in the inside air increases because; in such a scenario no ventilation takes place.Hence, it is clear that installation of air conditioners will have an important role to play in the indoor air quality. In fact, in order to keep the negative impacts of air conditioners away, there are air filters. It is the air filters of air conditioners that help in maintaining the indoor air quality of a building. One might wonder how it can be done successfully. There are many dust particles that are soluble in water and the air filters removes water in the form of dehumidification, thus the water soluble dust particles are removed. The other dust particles get normally trapped in the air filters. The result is a clean indoor air to breathe in.However, for the air filters to perform this task successfully, it is necessary that they are maintained well. Air filters which are replaceable need to be changed once in a month and the ones which are washable must be washed at regular intervals as per the manufacturers’ manual.Last but not the least, along with air filters it is recommended to arrange a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning unit once in a year."

- NICOLE K (Omaha, NE), 10/31/2016
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