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Blog Title: What are the basics of home ventilation?
What are the basics of home ventilation?
Category: Furnace And Air Conditioner Combo Post By: LARRY S (Mesa, AZ), 10/27/2016

"Ventilation is an important phenomenon for keeping the air within the house healthy and free from allergies. There should be a proper balance in the ventilation process. This is because too little ventilation will result in poor indoor quality air while too much of ventilation will create unnecessarily extra pressure on the heating and the cooling systems.There are basically three ways of ventilating the house. They are the following:Natural Ventilation: This ventilation takes place in the house by default when the house is not sealed against cracks or leaks. This ventilation is largely dependent on factors like weather conditions and temperature and so in this mode of ventilation one cannot guarantee that all the rooms will be equally ventilated.Spot Ventilation is mainly required to remove excess moisture, stale, and odors from particular spots in the house and such kind of ventilation becomes a necessity in places like the bathroom, the kitchen and the basement. However, it is not a good idea to ventilate the whole house through spot ventilation.Lastly, there is the general ventilation which typically involves the whole house ventilation. There are two types of General Ventilation. They are the Heat Recovery Ventilators and the Energy Recovery Ventilators. In the Heat Recovery ventilating system fresh air from the outside comes inside and stale air from inside is released into the outside air. While in case of Energy Recovery ventilating process, excess moisture is removed from the inside air and this phenomenon takes place as there is transfer of fresh air from outside to inside and stale air from inside to outside."

- RONALD N (Oakland, CA), 10/28/2016

Thank you for sharing such informative post. I agree with you that there should a proper balance in the ventilation process as it helps in removing the nasty smell, humidity, pollution and at the same time brings the fresh air inside the home. One should give the proper attention towards the ventilation system maintenance as it can directly affect a person's health. When installing any type of the ventilation system, seeking the professional contractor's help can help one to overcome the possibilities of risk and can make the system run efficiently. Just like emergency air conditioning repair Morris County NJ team (https://allweekairconditioning.com/air-conditioning-morris-county-nj.html), there are many other professional contractors available who can provide reliable and flexible service.

- All week Air Conditioning (Newark, NJ), 04/06/2018
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