A Look At Fiberglass Air Duct Liners

These days fiberglass lining is widely used in metallic ducts. This is because of various benefits of such lining. Fiberglass diminishes the sound coming from the HVAC equipment or adjacent office spaces. Fiberglass duct liner provides thermal insulation for air ducts, preventing leakage of conditioned air from the ducts. However there are many flip sides of fiberglass lining as well. These linings being present on the interior surface of the ducts encounter various types of turbulence when allowing conditioned air to pass. These could be air turbulence, fluctuation in temperature, and moisture tricking in the ducts. These take a toll on the health of these linings. The primary seal of the ducts get broken. The seal, which is a black gritty coating, holds fiberglass fibers to the surface. Once it is broken the fibers start coming out, deposit on HVAC unit, and find their way into your living space

Health Effects

These chips pf fiberglass in the room air can lead to many health hazards. Of course, this would depend on the fiber size and type of exposure. Fiberglass is a skin irritant. It can also cause irritation of the eyes as well as inflame the upper respiratory tract. You can get rashes on your skin as it gets exposed to fiberglass. You can get red eyes with water dripping from them frequently. Soreness in the nose and throat can result when fibers are inhaled. If someone is suffering of chronic asthma and bronchitis, these can get worsened due to the exposure. If you swallow fiberglass, temporary stomach irritation can result.

Repairing fiberglass ducts

If the deterioration of fiberglass is detected at the early stage, then it can be repaired. The surface is generally cleaned thoroughly. Thereafter a layer of encapsulated that is especially manufactured for fiberglass is applied on it. This locks down the fiberglass fibers.

If the fiberglass surface is beyond repair, then it would need to be replaced. If the damage is localized, new internal insulation can be installed within the ducting. If the damage is extensive, then duct has to be replaced.





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