Ac Service Helps To Prevent Heat Stroke

 Hot temperature outside the house causes heat stroke. When the people spend large amount of time outside the house in the summer days there is a chance of suffering from heat stroke. Heat stroke arises when the body over heats.

Heat stroke makes you feel sick, you might face some problems with the stomach, your skin becomes dry and it can often become life threatening.

Preventing heat stroke with air conditioners

The best way to keep you away from heat stroke is staying inside the house. Keep your house cold makes sure your air conditioners are working properly.

Fans provide you comfort but once the temperature crosses 900F fans won’t be good enough to keep you comfortable. Moving on to air conditioner in such situations is a better option to cool off.

Nothing can be worst than air conditioner break down during a hot summer day to prevent this kind of situation you must do the maintenance of your air conditioner.

Call a HVAC professional before the start of summer. Yearly service will help to find out the small problems before they become a major issue for your air conditioner.

Well serviced air conditioner runs efficiently, cools the room quickly and keeps you comfortable. If your AC is not working properly, your home will surely not be cool enough to prevent you from heat stroke.

If you find out any issue in your system do not ignore it call the professional immediately for the AC repair.

Other ways to prevent heat stroke

• Drink as much water as you can. Water will prevent your body temperature form rising.

• Wear light colour clothes with loose fittings which will allow sweat to evaporate and keep you cool and comfortable.

• Wear sunglasses and hats too prevent your body from direct heat contact.

• Stay indoors as much as possible.

• Don’t sit in a closed parked vehicle.

• Move outside the house during early morning or in the evening when the temperature is not that high.

• Avoid drinking alcohol or sugar drinks as they result in more loss of fluids from the body.

• Whenever you move outside take a cool shower after coming home.

• As children and elderly peoples are the most commonly they should try to limit their outdoor activities during summer.





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