Air Duct Sealing

 Benefits of Duct Sealing

If you have a central AC in your house that send cooled or hot air in your rooms through a duct way then you should maintain these air conduits to make your home comfortable round the year. This is because these duct ways are responsible for efficient distribution of air. If the outside air leaks in your air ducts then it will give rise to an array of problems. As the ducts are hidden from your sight running through attic, crawl spaces, most of the time an issue in the duct doesn't attract your attention. You only pay heed to it when the problem blows beyond proportion. Let’s see why sealing the ducts are important:

 Making your house temperature moderate throughout the year

Sealing and insulating ducts prevent the air passing through the duct from gaining too much heat or cold from the surrounding. No external air can leak into the ducts from the surrounding compromising the quality of air that is being circulated through the ducts.

 You inhale quality indoor air

The leaks allow passage of external air into the air ducts. The external air contains variety of substances such as gases from household and garden chemicals, insulation particles, dust and many more. These can cause allergies and exacerbate asthma. Sealing the duct swill prevent aerial contaminants from entering your house.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide from getting into your rooms air

Your AC or furnace releases certain level of carbon monoxide under normal operation. If you have leaky ducts then this carbon monoxide can be drawn back into the freshly conditioned air. This is also called back drafting. Sealing will prevent this problem. Remember CO is a very harmful gas. Exposure to it for a length of time can be lethal.

 Economize power consumption

Leakages in the duct compromise the efficiency of your cooling unit by 20%. A big chunk of the conditioned air will go into the surrounding though the holes, As a result, the machine will work harder to provide you the desired cooling. This will lead to increase in power bills. Sealing ducts can prevent energy wastage to a great extent.

Conserve the Environment

All forced heating system contributes to air pollution. Therefore the less energy you use the less pollution you generate. Sealing and insulating ducts will bring down the amount of energy necessary to heat or cool your home.Therefore you can reduce the amount of air pollution generated.

 A few things to know about Duct Sealants:

There are a variety of duct sealants available in the market. Let’s take look at them:

It is a gum-like substance. It is a fast-setting substance that is effective in sealing ducts as well securing the joints together. After drying, the mastic takes a soft solid form.

Aerosol sealant: This is also used for sealing ducts. It is sticky vinyl polymer that is applied to leaky areas from inside of the duct. This is done by pumping the sealant into a pressurized duct system. However their main disadvantage is that unlike mastic they cannot be applied by laymen. You need a professional to get your duct sealed with them.

Foil tape:
These tapes are backed with metal foil along with a layer of acrylic adhesive. Ensure that your mastic and tape are UL181 approved. Do not buy duct tape to seal leaks or secure duct joints. These tapes are unable to bear extreme temperature.

 Say no to Adhesives containing asbestos

There was a time when asbestos was being used in insulation's wells adhesives. It was a very popular fireproofing material that was used in residences as well commercial properties. However its use has been totally banned in 1970, after it was found that it can cause dangerous diseases. If you come across asbestos-containing sealant in them a docket not purchase it. Asbestos fibers are easily inhaled into the body. Once they find their way into the tissues it is difficult to remove them. These fibers settle in the soft tissues of the mesothelioma, a thin layer of cells guarding the heart, lungs, and abdominal cavity. They can cause malignant tumors thereafter.


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