Alternatives To Beat The Heat On Dog Days Of Summer

The phrase dog days of summer is very rampant in southern parts of the US such as Texas. Welles evident from the name the meaning of the phrase seems to be the pain street dogs suffers in summers due to the unrelenting heat. The Dog days is named after Sirius, the Dog Star. The Dog days come when the Dog Star begins to line up with our Sun (lining up is called conjunction). And it is a popular thought that these two stars combine their efforts in heating the earth, consequently the heat becomes so intense. But such a thought do not have any scientific base. Overall the phrase means the hottest days of summer. No matter how hot the days are, all of us need to spend some time outside the house under the sun. For, example the gardens needs to be tended, or some work needs to done in the yard etc. When you come back to the house, your hand automatically reaches out to put on the air conditioner. Imagine a situation when you’re A/c suddenly stops working on such a day. Well, some alternative ways to keep the house cool should be kept handy. Here are three top ways to ensure that your house stays pleasantly cool on dog ear days of summer-

• Useless electrical appliances that generate heat at home. This may include oven, stove etc. Depend more on microwave for cooking. Use dryers or dishwashers at night after the outside temperature come down. Heat-generating appliances add to the heat that is its peak during the day. Your air conditioner will be working hard to keep your home cool.

• Windows are those apertures of the house which bring in most of the sun’s heat inside. Therefore keep them closed during the day. Use window screens and blinds and heavy-dark curtains to block out sunlight. Use awnings.

• Use ceiling fans. Ensure that they run in anti-clock direction. By doing so they will push cold air down in the rooms. They can decrease the room temperature by 4 degrees.

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