Duct Cleaning Cost

 What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Increase in pollution levels is one of the gravest concerns of the modern world. Besides outdoor pollution, indoor air pollution has also become an important issue. Today there are compartmentalize making special products that will improve air quality in your house.However no matter,how advanced machines you buy your ducts will get dirty with debris unless they are cleaned from time to time. It is better to clean the ducts once in every three to five years.

 Usually, duct cleaning services range in cost from $350 to $500 per heating and cooling system. The cost of cleaning ducts depends on variety off actors such as:

• the size of the system to be cleaned
• system accessibility
• climatic region
• level of contamination

 Hiring a duct cleaning company

It is not difficult to find a service provider to clean your ducts. There is swarming population of them. But surely, it is difficult to find one in whose hands you can rest your assured,that your ducts are safe. In other words, you have to locate a company who has a solid reputation in duct cleaning. When you hire someone to fix your oven or clean your carpets, you can very well check it with your naked eyes whether the job has been done aptly. But it is not that easy in case of duct cleaning. Most sections of the ducts cannot be accessed. So if the company has not cleaned all the components and sections of the duct or has caused damage in certain section you will not know.

 Always contact three companies and request for quotes. Compare them to see if any of the companies are overcharging for their services. Do not hire cleaners with exorbitant rates.Besides price also ask them about the tools that they will use to clean your ducts. Ensure if the tools are contemporary and standard enough. An inferior tool can cause costly damage to your ducts as well as the cooling unit. It is always better to ask a friend or neighbor about the referral of a duct cleaning company. Otherwise ask the service provider about contacts of their past clients. Call these clients to know about their experience with the duct cleaner.

 A good company will also give you broad picture about the scope of the cleaning project and how much time it will take. Reputable air duct cleaning companies use high-tech, outdoor vented equipment that will send all the debris loosened from the duct surface to the outside of the home. Do not hire a company that uses handheld vacuums and drills.A thorough air duct cleaning should take a couple of hours.

 Avoid low ball offers

You will often get mailers or coupons about duct cleaning offers for a low price of $99. Avoid these offers as they are just gimmicks to reach your door step.Once they get into your house and persuade you into signing them for cleaning your ducts, you will see the cost surging with extra charges here and there. Those who fall prey to these air duct cleaning scams often end up paying above $600. These tactics by unscrupulous dealers are also referred as “bait-and-switch” tactics.

 Disclaimer: Although the rates quoted in the page are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.

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