Get Your Ac Ready And Serviced For Summer

Before the summer season arrives make sure that you must get your AC system ready for it. Do the servicing of your air conditioner to make sure that it is properly working and won’t fall into any of the problems during winter months.

Do the inspection of your AC unit at the time of spring and call the professional if you find out any problem. No one would ever like to see their AC system breaking down during the hot summer months.

Call your HVAC professional or do the servicing on your own to keep yourself cool in the summer season.

Follow the below given steps to make sure that your system works efficiently and keeps you comfortable.

1. Cleaning outdoor unit

Make sure that your outdoor unit clean then there is no dirt, dust, snow or leaves covering the outdoor unit of your system. Dirt or leaves do not allow the proper air flow inside the system and makes your system work harder. Keeping your system clean will help your system to run efficiently.

Spray the water over the condenser coils to clean the coils. Do not turn on the unit provide good amount of time to coils to dry out completely.

2. Turn on the condenser for 1 day

Before starting your AC system for the first time in summer turn on the condenser for 24 hours to convert the refrigerant from liquid to gaseous state.

3. Cleaning your ducts

Ducts are the source for the air to reach inside the house. Make sure that your ducts are clean which will provide you clean indoor air.

Check out the ducts for any leak. Leaks in the ducts reduce the efficiency of your system. if you find out any leak use the duct seal tape to fix the leaks.

4. Replacing the air filters

Replace the air filters of your AC system. Dirty or clogged air filters reduce the air flow inside the system they also make your air conditioner work harder to remove the heat from the house. Dirty air filters also result in component failure.

Change the air filters every month or every three months. This will avoid many problems in your system and also increases the efficiency.

5. Checking your thermostat

Programme your thermostat properly for the summer months. Change the batteries of thermostat so that it works accurately.

6. Inspect your system for problems

Check your system properly make sure that all the components are in working condition if you find any of the problem call the HVAC professional for carrying out the repair work.

Following the above given suggestion will keep you comfortable in the hot summer days and your AC system will cool the house without consuming much of the energy.



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