How Frequently Will I Need Air Conditioner Service?

Air conditioner is one of the most important components of the daily life to keep the atmosphere inside the room comfortable. Air conditioner has become the necessity for the people. Air conditioners decrease the humidity and make sure that people do not feel uncomfortable.

Modern HVAC systems are highly energy efficient. While these air conditioners run dirt and dust gets accumulated inside the important components of the system. Once the system gets dirty it starts losing its energy efficiency.

Just like any other electronic equipment air conditioner also needs proper service and maintenance.

When to do service?

Heating and cooling experts will tell you that if there is no problem in your air conditioner than it must be serviced once in a year. Yearly servicing ensures that your air conditioner operates at maximum efficiency.

If you are not servicing your system yearly it will start losing its efficiency. When you run your AC unit dirt and dust gets accumulated in the important areas of your system. if system is not serviced and is dirty for then it will start losing its efficiency by 5% every year.

You should call a HVAC professional every year for the service. Servicing should be done at the time spring season to make your air conditioner ready for the summer months when it is needed the most.

Servicing your air conditioner before the starts of summer ensures that all the problems of the system are sorted and this will prevent you from the air conditioners breakdown during summer.

Instead of waiting for your air conditioner to fall into any problem you can take up a preventive step by doing the service every year.

Benefits of yearly service

• Regular servicing ensures that air conditioner provides maximum cooling during the summer days.
• For your system to run at the high efficiency it must be serviced yearly. So regular servicing reduces the utility bills.
• Servicing prevents your air conditioner from falling into major problems like components failure, breakdowns and refrigerant leak.
• If your system is not serviced it will work but may not be able to provide you the required comfort.
• Regular service finds the small problems before they become the big threat for the system.




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