What Happens When Air Filters Are Clogged?

Changing air filters is one of the most important of the most important steps towards the maintenance of the air conditioner. Air filters not only does the job of cleaning the air but also ensures that your air conditioner runs efficiently.

Air filters are needed to be changed at regular intervals. Some air filters are to be changed every month while some filters last for three to six months. Most of the HVAC problems can be prevented just by changing the air filters.

Dirty air filters can have several effects on your house. Effects of clogged or dirty air filters can result in the failure of the system.


1. Lack of air flow

Your AC, heat pump, furnace or any of the central heating or cooling system needs proper air flow through the coils to work efficiently.

If the air filters are clogged then it becomes difficult for the air to pass through the coils. Lack of air flow can cause costly repairs or even the failure of the system.

2. Greater energy consumption

Your system has to constantly circulate the air through the house. Energy consumption of your air filter is highly depended on the blower motor of your HVAC system.

If the air filters are dirty hen blower motor will be forced to work hard to circulate the air throughout the home, this results in high energy bills.

Dirty air filters can increase the energy consumption of your system by 15%-20%.

3. Frozen coils

If the air flow is clogged in the system, your evaporator or cooling coils will not be able the required air so the temperature starts falling.

The condensation on the coils start freezing up because of low temperature this results in formation of ice on the coils.

4. Causes diseases

If the air filters are dirty they won’t be able to control the allergens or dirt resulting in indoor air pollution. Allergens can cause problems like headaches, fatigue, itching in the eyes or many other diseases.

5. Makes everything dirty

If the air filters are dirty it results in dirty air ducts, dirty components inside your system and dirty air filters also result in spreading of the dirt particles inside the home even the air you breath will be full of dirt, dust and allergens.

6. Reduced life span of unit

If the air filters are dirty they make your HVAC system work harder to reach the desired temperature and they also cause damage to the components present inside the system all these results in reduced life span of your unit.

Changing the air filters is something which is highly simple and does not requires much of time or money. It will take you just 5-10 minutes to prevent yourself and your system from all these major problems.



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