What To Expect From Your Duct Cleaner?

When you place a service call with a professional duct cleaner you should know what to expect from him. The duct cleaning service provider should do the following:

• The duct cleaner should open up all the doors and ports to access the ducts in remote areas.

• Before they start cleaning the ducts, they should survey it all. They should also look out for asbestos-containing materials.

The use of asbestos containing materials has been banned in the US as their use can cause harmful diseases including cancer. If the ducts have asbestos-containing materials, the contractor should not touch them. A professional specially trained in asbestos removal should be called to remove it.

• Before you hire a contractor, always check their tools. They should have flexible shafts, reversible shaft rotation, rotary brushes, three-stage true HEPA filtration and adjustable speed control. The dust should be dislodged with proper tools and then sent out of the building through vacuum cleaners.

• The cleaner should take enough care to protect furnishings and carpeting during the cleaning procedure.

• If your ducts are made of fiberglass or metallic ducts with fiberglass lining on them, the cleaner should use soft bristled brushes specially designed for it.

• The access holes should be sealed and reinsulated when the cleaning is over.

• They should follow the NADCA‘s air duct cleaning standards and NAIMA‘s practices for ducts containing fiberglass.

• If your ducts are infested with molds, then you have to opt for using chemicals to terminate the. Ensue that product is recognized by EPA. Always make sure that it is used according to the directions present on the label.





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