Why Ac Service And Duct Cleaning Process Go Hand In Hand?

Number of times in a day air travels through the air ducts and your HVAC system carrying large amount of dirt and dust along with it. Most of the dirt is been caught by air filters however some amount of dirt travels to the duct work.

You must get your duct cleaned by a HVAC professional. If you have paid a person to clean the ducts who is not HVAC professional is simply the waste of money as air conditioner must be serviced along with duct cleaning.

Clean ducts will provide the more efficiency to your system but only cleaning the ducts is not going to increase the efficiency so the HVAC contractors also include AC service along with duct cleaning to achieve maximum efficiency.

So you would have come to know that air conditioner and duct cleaning go hand in hand.


Both the components work together to circulate the air through the entire house and to reach the required temperature.

If you have cleaned the duct work and the air filters inside the air conditioner are dirty it will take longer time for the air conditioner to transfer the hot or cold air through the entire house.

If your air conditioner is well serviced but the ducts are dirty when the air will enter the ducts it will again become dirty and catch dirt and dust particles this air will enter the house and can cause respiratory problems.

Only cleaning the ducts of your system will not be of any use until your heating or cooling device service work is done along with it.

Benefits of AC service and duct cleaning

• Saves your family from the respiratory problems as they make sure that air entering the house is free of allergens.

• Helps your air conditioner to perform at its peak and provide maximum comfort to the people inside the house.

• Cleaning ducts and servicing your conditioner will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling device.

• Well serviced HVAC system will consume less energy and result in lower utility bills.

• It increases the life span of the unit and will reduce the chances of damage resulting in less repair work.

For cleaning of the ducts and servicing work of the system you must call only a qualified and licensed technician to ensure that job is done correctly.





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